MyPopCoins- Redefining Shopping

How it works

Earn cashback in-store

How MPC works

MPC endeavours to turn the conventional shopping into a rewarding experience and enables its members to earn from their day to day purchase by simply uploading the invoice on to the MPC app. After you shop, we add the cashback to your mypopcoins account that can be redeemed for your future purchase(s) with any of our registered retailers.

For our retailers, once enrolled, can create exclusive deals on to their personalised dashboard and get access to the unlimited customer database forever. These deals along with other exciting offers can be sent directly to the existing as well as new customers.

Moreover, our unique Refer and Earn programme helps both MPC members as well as MPC channel partners to create an alternate income stream for their entire life, just by referring MyPopCoins to their family, friends and customers.

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Benefits for the Retailers

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Benefits for the Customers