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Today in a highly evolving digital world, brick and mortar retail still constitutes for over 90% of all commerce in local markets. While everyone is scrambling to get onto a handful of ecommerce sites our belief still lies in the brick and mortar and we want to grow this space digitally by combining the online with the offline using innovative and disruptive solutions. The goal and mission of MPC is to work with retailers to build loyalty by rewarding consumers for every purchase they make and help consumers to increase their purchasing power and need fulfillment by ensuring they get value for the money they spend.

" Thus the conception of MyPopCoins. "

MyPopCoins is one of the most generous, innovative, and revolutionary cash back product introduced in India, giving a new definition to the conventional shopping experience by allowing them to earn every time they shop. Moreover, MyPopCoins provides a platform to our retailers to hold on to their existing customers along with adding new customers, who at present are striving to compete with the online giants.

We work with retailers across categories to bring up their Average Revenue per User (ARPU) and simultaneously help consumers purchase more at the same store within a given amount of spend.

By downloading our application, consumers can explore all the deals and offers in their neighborhood markets. No more long waits for the ecommerce deliveries for daily use products. Stepping out of your home is now stress free and rewarding. MyPopCoins is free to use for both consumers and retailers.

We endeavour to pave the way for smooth, hassle-free & completely gratifying experience to both our members and channel partners.

MyPopCoins- As easy as a click:

For User: MyPopCoins App is very simple to use, consumers register themselves and get acquainted with the most amazing deals on their favourite products. Earn an amazing Cashback on your purchase by simply uploading the shopping receipt on the MyPopCoins app, which gets reflected in your MPC account and can be redeemed at any of our registered stores. To top it MyPopCoins that you earn come with lifetime validity.

For Retailer.: The retailer can create and publish deals by logging on to MyPopCoins dashboard just in a few clicks. Moreover, the retailers will have a realtime access to the customer database and can forward the deals to the right target market and boost their sales. Retailers have blazed a trail when it comes to effective segmenting and targeting of the consumer to create customer loyalty. We Provide an opportunity to our channel partners to create a parallel income stream by referring their customers to MyPopCoins.